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Transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

8th October 2017 - 7 min read

A few months back, Damar and I went to Indonesia for the wedding of his brother. Actually we did not plan to come due to my limited holiday at the office and the high flight season. But then we changed our mind. You can earn money but no family memory, I believe. And therefore, we kept it easy going and looked for the cheapest options. The selected flight went to a combo of KLM – Malaysian Airlines which required a transit in Kuala Lumpur. I felt somewhat more excited because I had not stepped my feet on Malaysia before. And obviously the cheapest one required a long amount of transit in the Airport (16 hours!!). So we could go out and take a peek in the city. Off we went!!

The airport is very big and modern. The only way to get you connected from KLIA and KLIA2 is an aerotrain (airport facility). Follow the sign or ask the friendly staff, you will get yourself there very easily. KLIA is for the Malaysian airlines and International – national flight while KLIA2 is more for the budget/carrier flights. We ended up in KLIA and stayed there.

Visa or no Visa

If you remain staying within the Airport, check the detail in here. As Indonesians, we obviously do not need visa to enter Malaysia. However, you might do. Check out the list of countries that need visa here, especially when you want to take a look outside.

Place to sleep

There are different places for you to spend the night. Overall there are a bunch of chairs and benches you can choose. That is actually what we decided to do. Many travelers recommended avoiding KLIA2 overnight, the main terminals have more options. The food court on the 2nd floor is pretty quiet, many travelers try to sleep here. We decided to go there for having a bite (actually a big bowl of noodles) at 11.00 pm just right before it closed down. Actually in general, all the places are quiet after 00.00 because that is when the stores close. For uninterrupted sleep, there is a transit hotel and sleep pods inside the airport and several hotels near the airport. See Airport Hotels list.

What to bring

If you decide to sleep in the airport, Eye shades, socks and blanket is a must! We were lucky because our airline provided us with a few of those equipment. The light in the airport is pretty bright and for those who need darkness, nothing would do but a proper eye shades.

Other than that, toiletries, towel and clothes change are obviously needed, but we all would know that.

I would exchange money in the ATM machine before anything.

What to do in Kuala Lumpur city the next day

The next day we started at 5 am and took a shower in one of the shower room there. Damar did but I just freshened up instead 😉 We went to KLIA2 and left our baggage over there. You can choose to be put in a locker or just to drop off (kept in a big room). I recommend to take the locker if you have valuable belongings. As it is time sensitive, you should already plan where to go beforehand, we used the night before with free WIFI to do a small research. We do not want to waste the time where we can enjoy the city, do we? Our next flight was at 13.30 in the afternoon, thus the goal was to already back in the airport at 12.30.

We took a bus to get ourselves to KL Central. The bus was enjoyable, with AC and free WIFI inside. Once I went out of the airport, I felt the breeze of Asian life already. Life starts super early over there and the dynamic is just oh feel a lot like home. It took 1 hour to KL central and once we were in the KL Central we transferred to another transportation. We took the green line because we wanted to have Nasi Lemak as breakfast. Checked lots of different sites, we wanted the famous one and also located in the middle of our way to Batu Cave. Yes, that is our ultimate destination! The selection dropped to Nasi Lemak Mak Wanjor atau Mak Wonjo! It made our morning and we continued our journey to  by commuter. It took 25 minutes to get there.

No entrance fee and just enjoyed the time there. Put alarm on when you should take the tram back to Sentral.

Transit in Kuala Lumpur

IMG_6530 IMG_6522

Image result for transportation system kuala lumpur


Activity Price Details
Late Dinner in the airport 20 RM
Baggage drop off 40 RM in Medium-sized locker
Bus 2 ways 20 RM
Ticket train 2 ways 4,2 RM
Breakfast Nasi Lemak mak Wanjo 10 RM
Rent Sarong in Batu Cave (if needed) 5 RM
Fresh coconut water 5 RM
Total 104,2 RM


Asia Culinary Hongkong

Hongkong Transit 8hours part 2 (day to night)

12th August 2016 - 7 min read

This is going to be a very late post about our transit in Hongkong for 8 hours. This time will be the continuity after previously explained about Part 1 a few months back. I still believe in the saying, “better late than never” 😛

So on our way back to Amsterdam, we had to stop over in Hongkong again as part of the ticket deal that was long awaited. This time, we landed in the late afternoon, around 14.20 pm which actually allowed us to do something we could not experience in our first visit. This time we wanted to have the different ambience in the city of Hongkong, saw the big buildings which I found much similar with Jakarta, and went to the harbour to stare the city from another point of view.

The following will show more or less our itinerary in the short time in Hongkong. Our priority was to try the culinary, take ferry and enjoy the sunset/night view of Hongkong. First thing first, we set our alarm to leave wherever we are at 21.00 to be at the airport at 22.00. Our flight was at 00.15 am, it was a quite long buffer as it was actually an easy access to go back to the airport. We needed to assure we did not let the time fly by like that haha so we had to enjoy every second, but also limited ourselves without forgetting the time (thanks to alarm!).

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.13.23

Just like explained in the other post about transiting in Hongkong, first thing to do was queuing the immigration and drop off the luggage in the ‘locker’. After finishing the drop off, we went to toilet, freshened up, and changed. Felt like a new person with a new spirit once cleaned. It is a must do before start exploring the city. This time we withdrew HK$700 for 2 person, which at the end, remained a lot. I still have more than HK$100 in my purse until now :/

In this second trip, we did not take the bus, but the metro instead. I must say, it’s more convenient, smooth, and faster than the bus. We headed to the city (Kowloon). The price was around HK$180 and it took 21 minutes to get into the city.


We went through a building to another building and another building trying to search for the very famous dimsum restaurant called Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Specialist, it’s a Michelin Restaurant. We expected, it was supposed to be good and very authentic. But we got lost at some point and could not find the place any more. At some point, in our disorientation, we passed through the Stanley Street where a lot of restaurants located and we also saw a restaurant that was recommended everywhere in the internet, also Michelin star. It is specialized in the roasted goose. The name is Yat Lok Roast Goose. It was pure satisfaction tasting the delicate crispness with meat and fat sinking into the juicy roast goose drum stick. YUMMY! But the turnover of the customers was so quick, thus we were there just to eat then we had to leave immediately otherwise the waitresses would look at us with an expelling eyes. Anyway, in spite of the un-coziness, the food was absolutely 5 stars.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.13.24 WhatsApp Image 2016-08-08 at 22.11.04 indonesian-woman-hongkong-city-beautiful-transit-8-hours indonesian-woman-transit-hongkong-city-8-hours stopover-indonesian-maurilla-woman-transit-8-hoursindonesian-hongkong-woman-transit-walk-8-hours


After fuelling our stomach, we continued walking, this time to the direction of the harbour to take Ferry. We wanted to go to the other side to catch the view on my featured image. They said, this wonderful panorama is best experienced from the water on board a Hong Kong evening harbour cruise. And they are right!

One tip: check the weather forecast. We somewhat know that it would be raining but we had no umbrella with us. Lesson learn: always bring small umbrella with you in your bag. 

We took the ferry (forgot the price!) to go to the other side. We got to see the view from TST (Tsim Sha Tsui). Every night at 8pm, we can see the Symphony of Light, where light and laser features more than 40 buildings and skyscrapers on both sides of the harbour. A lot of articles advises that this should be taking our breath away, but we did not feel it at all to be honestly saying, we barely were able to spot the lights :/ Anyway, it’s nice to get the chance experiencing it. The rain poured a little bit, so we decided to leave during the show and stopped in the small street ice cream vendors before heading back to Airport. Nice to see the kind of Asian ice cream like green tea, black bean, red bean, as I always like them. In Netherlands, those kind can only be bought in Oriental supermarket or Asian restaurants. Not common at all.

It was a nice short trip which actually was considered as our mini honeymoon 😛

I recommended if you have the chance to do the stop over to enjoy the city a little bit.

Asia Indonesia Love life Wedding Series

Wedding Series part 12 END – Resepsi

3rd July 2016 - 9 min read

22 May 2016

Untuk acara Resepsi, kami sengaja adakan di malam hari tepatnya di hari yang sama dengan Akad Nikah. Banyak orang yang punya pertimbangan lain untuk melangsungkan resepsi di hari lain, contohnya agar nggak terlalu capek. Kalau saya dan keluarga malah kebalikannya, kami pikir lebih baik capek dimaksimalkan dalam satu hari, biar setelahnya sudah lega dan bisa istirahat tanpa pikiran. Konsekuensinya adalah, lumayan hectic  jadinya, karena acara Akad Nikah baru benar-benar selesai pukul 12.30. Sedangkan saya harus menghapus make up sebersih-bersihnya dan keramas hingga hair spray dari sasakan konde nggak bersisa. Kira-kira pergulatan itu memakan waktu sekitar satu jam. Kemudian saya harus sudah kembali ke gedung karena janjian sama mbak Joice (Make up artist) pukul 14.00. Saat Damar masih santai-santai dan tidur siang (bersama Bapak di rumah joglo lol), saya sudah harus bergegas lari-larian ke gedung acara.

Untuk make- up tes dengan mbak Joice sudah seminggu lalu dan happy banget sama riasannya yang flawless. Jadi udah nggak ada perasaan ragu. Biaya MUA emang nggak murah, tapi saya dari awal sudah mikir bahwa selain catering, MUA adalah hal yang worth investing. Gimana enggak, kan harus menghadapi tamu semalaman dan senyum harus menyungging selalu, jadi riasan merupakan sesuatu yang harus tahan lama dan bikin pede.  Jadi, soal make-up saya sudah tenang dan percaya hasilnya pasti bagus hihi. Yang bikin saya kepikiran malah bagian dekorasi. Ini hal yang untuk saya benar-benar akan menjadi kejutan. Selama ini saya berkomunikasi lewat mbak Shinta (sahabat kakak saya, mbak Fany, yang membantu kami), saya hanya memberi gambar, menjelaskan dengan garis besar dan memberi kepercayaan ke Pak Mitro dari Mitra Flower 100% untuk bebas berkarya dengan batasan-batasan yang saya tentukan. Jadi konsep yang datang dari saya adalah memindah suasana outdoor ke dalam ruangan dimana pohon-pohon dan kayu menjadi hal yang teramat esensial. Tapi alhamdulillah kecemasan saya tidak beralasan, karena hasil kerja tim pak Mitro yang hampir nggak ada kurangnya. Detil banget…

Berikut adalah beberapa tips-tips yang saya rumuskan untuk menghadapi dan melewati hari H dengan baik dan stress free

  • Banyak minum air putih dan mengurangi konsumsi makanan yang nggak sehat (lemak jenuh, etc) karena bisa jadi sumber jerawat atau minyak di kulit. Itu semua asal mula dari wajah yang kurang segar.
  • Inget kalau kita nggak selalu bisa on top of everything, delegasi dan kepercayaan itu penting. Saya selalu bilang kalau kepercayaan adalah pilihan. Jangan biarin pikiran kita dimakan oleh kecemasan-kecemasan yang nggak beralasan.
  • Banyak ketawa 😀 Laugh along!! di situasi apapun! Itu akan nge-attract hal-hal baik di sekeliling kita. Happy happy dan bersyukur setiap hari. Things could have always been worse.
  • Kemarin saya bikin Technical Meeting sekitar 2-3 hari sebelum acara. Tujuannya adalah untuk memantapkan segala rencana dan check list segala kebutuhan yang harus dikerjakan. Beri jarak beberapa hari agar jika ada minor-minor yang kurang, masih cukup waktu untuk menutupi.
  • Istirahat yang cukup, biasanya manten lupa akan hal ini karena terlalu sibuk menyiapkan atau menjamu keluarga. Akhirnya jatuh sakit di hari H. Jujur aja kemarin sempat istirahat lumayan intensif karena kena diare. Bayangin deh, pas lagi fitting baju, saya hampir jatuh pingsan. Jadi mau nggak mau harus banyak di rumah dan mengerjakan segala sesuatu dari rumah. Daripada sakit duluan, lebih baik diantisipasi.
  • Tunjuk satu orang yang selalu ada di dekat kamu dan selalu bisa dihubungi kapan saja kalau ada keperluan tertentu. Disini peran maid of honor bisa dimainkan, tapi karena maid of honor saya wanita karir, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk mengutus kakak tercinta. FYI, hari saya menikah itu tepat hari ulang tahun dia, mba Fany 🙂
  • Berdoa dan minta doa dari orang-orang di sekitar kita.
  • Selalu ingat bahwa pernikahan hanyalah acara satu malam yang cuma kamu dan keluarga serta orang-orang terdekat yang akan ingat. Nikmati perjalanan dan hari penting itu. Kesempurnaan itu mindset yang bisa berubah tergantung dengan keadaan emosi kamu hari itu. Kalau kamu bahagia, semuanya akan terlihat sempurna. Pasti akan ada kekurangan di sana-sini, itu nggak masalah yang penting besok pagi setelah acara kamu bangun dan menemukan sosok yang kamu kagumi selama ini di sebelah kamu 🙂

Review Vendor Surabaya (RESEPSI)

  1. Venue: Graha ITS (5 stars) Harga sangat terjangkau, parkir luas dan relatif nggak jauh dari gedung. Untuk undangan sekitar 2500-3000 orang masih muat dan nyaman. Kemarin acara saya total tamu sekitar 1500 dan masih banyak space. Kami sengaja menghilangkan antre dan salam-salaman dari acara kami sehingga tamu bisa langsung makan. Bentuk gedung ini memungkinkan kami membuat flow seperti itu.
  2. Dekorasi: Mitra Flower (5 stars) Pak Mitra berhasil membuat yang tidak mungkin menjadi mungkin. Banyak hal yang kami ingin dobrak. Seperti memindah suasana outdoor ke indoor, memindah kuade di tempat yang bukan seharusnya, membuat panggung yang harusnya tempat kuade menjadi panggung konser jazz spektakuler lengkap dengan tumbuhan hijau yang memang saya khusus minta untuk suasa taman
  3. Make up: Joice Ananta (5 stars) Kalau hasil make up sudah nggak diragukan. Jadi saya nggak akan bahas. Tapi, di luar fakta bahwa make up artist jaman sekarang itu nggak stay sampe acara selesai seperti halnya Dukun manten, tapi mbak Joice make sure kalau make up-nya tahan lama selama-lamanya acara. Dan itu emang terbukti dari make up yang flawless sampe acara selesai, nggak cracking dan cakey sama sekali. Orangnya pun menyenangkan sekaliiiiiii! Bikin suasana jadi cair dan rasa cape setelah akad jadi hilang karena cerita-ceritanya yang sukses bikin ngakak
  4. Busana Resepsi: Gamar Azis (3.5 stars) Saya memang mengambil resiko untuk memakai penjahit yang belum pernah kenal sebelumnya semata-mata karena dia langganan sahabat saya dan selama ini hasilnya selalu bagus. Jadi saya berani. Pada akhirnya, saya (dan juga mama saya) effort sekali untuk memastikan bahwa desain yang saya inginkan bisa diikuti dengan baik. Saya sempat terkena mini heart attack 3 minggu sebelum acara karena ditunjukkan hasil bajunya lewat foto. Jauh sekali dari bayangan dan gambar. Mungkin memang susah karena mengerjakannya harus long distance, juga nggak bisa fitting properly. Walaupun semuanya berakhir bahagia, namun saya lumayan dag-dig-dug dibuatnya….
  5. Photography: (4.5 stars) Mas Putunya baik sekali dan sangat kooperatif dengan segala kemauan kami. Semua tepat waktu dan dikerjakan dengan profesional. Tapi tetap, hasil akhir foto itu akan kembali ke taste orang masing-masing 🙂
  6. Videography: Paper Pic (….) Masih belum terima hasilnya, tapi sudah ditunjukkan sneak peak-nya yang langsung jadi sehari setelah acara. Dan memang cantik banget. Mas Angky dan mas Ian orangnya asik, lucu, dan berusaha sekali memenuhi semua kemauan kami.
  7. Catering: Hidayah Catering (3.5) Semua orang bilang lontong kikil-nya nikmat sekali juga makanan-makanan yang lain. Kurangnya adalah pelayanan dari pekerja yang turun tangan di hari H. Supervisor pun saat itu nggak ada di sekitar. Panitia konsumsi dari keluarga sangat kecewa dengan ketidaksigapan untuk mengisi makanan sehingga banyak tamu-tamu yang menemukan buffet-nya kosong.
  8. Band: Green Tea (5 stars) Mereka berusaha sekali memenuhi wish song list dari kami. Melodi dan rendition mereka kami suka. Tampilan dari para pemain-nya pun menyesuaikan dengan tema acara kami. Awalnya agak deg-degan dengan rencana kami yang ingin meletakkan mereka sebagai point of interest di panggung besar. Takutnya mereka merasa dimanfaatkan karena tarifnya yang sama, tapi ternyata mereka malah senang dan merasa dihargai 🙂 Ketara sekali mereka bermain musik dari hati, karena hobi.
  9. Cake: Creamy Dreamy (5 stars) Cake-nya cantik dan enak sekali rasanya. Sesuai dengan konsep yang saya harapkan.
  10. Wedding Organizer: Mama, Saya Damar, dan bantuan dari The Party Story (5 stars) Hands up untuk mbak Shinta dan mas Boim. Mereka dari the Party Story yang ngebantu menengahi keinginan saya dan mama, juga pol banget menggiring dekorasi di hari H demi memenuhi permintaan kami. Keinginan untuk tidak ada antre juga terjadi karena campur tangan mereka. Semua acara tepat waktu dan berjalan dengan baik 🙂


Asia Indonesia Love life Milestone Wedding Series

Wedding Series part 11 – Akad Nikah

16th June 2016 - 6 min read

22 May 2016

Exactly a month ago, I married a man of my dream. Everything that I was looking for to be in a person.

I never thought being married would be this great. And I guess, it is not about the marriage, rather about being married to the right person.

My thought flew to the milestone we both had a month ago.
The ceremony was started at 9 in the morning. I was preparing myself with a big help from tante Made, the woman behind Sanggar Mitapuri in Surabaya, since 5 in the morning. I love Tante Made’s dedication in transforming me to a proper Javanese bride complete with Paes (that is the black paint in my face that is continued to my hair which shows maturity and readiness to be someone’s wife). Javanese make up artist had to go through serious study and taken diploma in Javanese culture and make up. Thus they would not only do the job, but also having in-depth knowledge about every rituals in the Javanese traditions, including how to do the make up (which color of eyeshadow is allowed, etc), where to tide up the jasmine flowers, what kind of prayer she needs to do before starting to work on the bride’s face, etc. It was very sacred already starting from the make-up process.

I made the request from the test period with tante Made to not have to high ‘pompadour’ and a big synthetic hair bun that Javanese bride always has. And she granted my request properly. I think the ceremony is the most important and sacred moment of the whole wedding process, where both Damar and I should be a feeling a little nervous. And not being confident does not make the situation any better. Thus, being comfortable with our selves and confident with everything we wear is foremost. That is why, choosing the right vendors to work together and deliver the expectations is vital.

Alhamdulillah, the ijab qabul went smoothly. Damar apparently was less nervous than I was. The moment when Damar said the words, happy tears were bursting. I was very moved by the minute my dad officially gave me away to another man. Subsequently happy and smiling from ear to ear to have another amazing man in my family. Moreover because everything happened witnessed by my family 100th years Rumah Joglo (type of traditional vernacular house of the Javanese people made of teak tree).

After the Islamic married procession successfully took place, the ceremony continued with Panggih. Panggih in Javanese means to meet, is a traditional cultural event held after the ceremony. Meaning that the newly married couple can live their domestic life with a happy and prosperous accompanied by the blessing of both parents and relatives. This ceremony is usually performed at the bride’s house which is my house. I love this part of the wedding, felt very sacred and traditional. I felt like I was a real pure Javanese woman 🙂

Supplies used in this ceremony are: Banana, 3 kinds of flowers: roses, jasmine and magnolia, etc. Kembar Mayang is a series of decoration consisting of palm leaves, especially foliage is plugged into a banana tree leaves which are arranged in the shape of the mountain, a dagger, whip, umbrella, grasshoppers and birds. There is also a banyan leaves, pineapple, jasmine, rice, cotton, cengkir. The significance of those are so that the life of the bride and groom are well and do not encounter obstacles and barriers so quickly to achieve happiness in life. Gantal (betel leaf that has been tied by a thread). Ranupada (washing feet) consisting scoop, bowl, tray, flowers and eggs for the event sritaman ngindak endog. Rice, coins, seeds, bags of cloth, fabric for tablecloths for Kacar Kucur. Rice and side dishes for Dulangan/Feeding each other. The below slideshow is kind of in order on how the procession happened.

Nice to have everything documented and to be able to flashback. That is the main reason I write it down here.

To one month and forever…..

Review Vendor Surabaya (AKAD)

  1. Venue: Rumah Joglo Keluarga Imron (5 stars) Rumah ini merupakan peninggalan nenek moyang kami dari sisi Bapak. Bapak memindahkan rumah ini dari desa beliau di Pati, Jawa Tengah. Saya sangat beruntung bisa menikah disaksikan dengan saksi bisu rumah ini.
  2. Catering: Hidayah Catering (reviewed in here)
  3. Dekorasi: Mitra Flower (reviewed in here)
  4. Make up: Tante Made dari Sanggar Mirapuri (5 stars) Tante Made sangat tidak memaksakan kehendaknya dan beliau dapat memadukan sifat kekunoan dengan kekinian. Dengan sifat keibuan tante Made, saya merasa tenang di make up-in dan mempercayakan segala sesuatu ke tante Made. Harganya juga sangat terjangkau, jauh dari komersialitasan jaman sekarang. Terasa sekali kehati-hatian dan ketulusan dari make up yang dibuat.
  5. Busana Akad putih: Ibu Daud  (5 stars) Bu Daud sukses sekali membuat busana yang pas dan cocok dengan ukuran saya walaupun saya tidak disana. Sekali fitting langsung pas 🙂 Alhamdulillah
  6. Busana Panggih hitam beludru: Tante Made dari Sanggar Mirapuri
  7. Fotografer: (reviewed in here)
  8. Videography: Paper Pic (reviewed in here)

Akad Nikah – Javanese Traditional Ceremony

Asia Culinary Hongkong

Hongkong Transit 8hours part 1 (morning to day)

13th June 2016 - 7 min read

Saya dan Damar memutuskan untuk beli tiket Cathay Airlines, dengan alasan yang tidak lain dan tidak bukan karena harga yang sangat terjangkau dibanding airlines lain pada saat itu. Biasanya saya selalu pergi dengan Emirates ke Indonesia. Tapi kemarin saat tiba waktunya kami harus beli tiket, harganya menjulang ke langit banget, sekitar 1000 euro. Sedangkan Cathay +-500 euro, hampir setengahnya. Sebenernya ada maskapai lain yang harganya sekitar itu, tapi kelebihan dari Cathay Airlines adalah stopover-nya di Hongkong, daerah yang kami belum pernah datangi dan nggak bersyarat visa bagi kami. Wah, itu nilai-nya plus sekali untuk bikin keputusan dengan maskapai apa kami pergi. Juga, Cathay menawarkan penerbangan direct ke Surabaya, tempat tujuan kami. Lagian selama ini kami berdua belum pernah terbang dengan Cathay, yang rumornya pernah jadi maskapai nomor 1 di dunia itu. Jadilah kami beli tiketnya.

Waktu transit di Hongkong adalah 8 jam. Begitu juga dengan perjalanan pulangnya dari Surabaya-Amsterdam. Jadi total kami punya 16 jam untuk mengeksplor kota metropolitan yang padat itu.


Kami tiba di Hongkong pukul 05.30 pagi. Yang pertama kali kami lakukan adalah antre imigrasi. Di Imigrasi kami perlu menyerahkan form keimigrasian yang diberi diudara oleh pramugari. Jadi kami cuma perlu antre dan menyiapkan paspor. Karena masih pagi, antrenya nggak terlalu panjang dan kami salah satu yang sampai paling awal. Begitu lolos dari imigrasi, kami ke toilet untuk sikat gigi, bebersih, dan ganti baju yang lebih rapih. Seragam wajibku di pesawat adalah jumper, jogger pants/trainer, dan kacamata minus saya, nggak banget deh kalau buat jalan-jalan haha

Jangan lupa untuk mengambil uang dengan Hongkong currency dari ATM! Perlu dicatat, pecahan dari mesin ATM adalah besar. Kami berdua ke bakery di dalam airport demi memecah uang untuk bayar bus (tempatnya semacam Bread Talk gitu kalau di Indonesia) dan beli roti goreng kari ayam. Aduhhh! enakanyaaa! Di Belanda adanya bakery model pastry atau cake, kalaupun jual roti, isinya pasti nggak macem-macem kaya di Asia. Roti terbungkus, kami pun jalan ke Terminal 2 Level 3, untuk luggage drop off. Rate per jam-nya adalah HK$12. Disitu kami sudah harus memberi estimasi berapa lama kira-kira kami akan menitip barang cabin kami itu, sesuai pengalaman kami, 6 jam adalah waktu yang pas. Nggak perlu even consider untuk membawa barang cabin kalian, jalan dengan membawa barang itu nggak nyaman. Daripada cemas dan ribet akan barang bawaan, mending menikmati pemandangan kota. Setelah beres, kami jalan keluar airport. Publik transportasi ada di sekitar situ semua, bahkan kereta Expressnya malah ada di dalam bandara. Serba gampang dan nyaman. Tiket busnya per orang HK$3.5. Note: Di Hongkong, supir Bus tidak menyediakan kembalian. Untung kami sudah memecah uang, jadi kami cuma rugi HK$3. Hitung-hitung sedekah….

Hongkong mengingatkan saya dengan padatnya Ibu kota Jakarta. Gedung-gedung tinggi dan besar ada dimana-mana, kawasan perindustrian yang dimana-dimana sedang dikonstruksi. Polusi juga banyak.. Bedanya, aturannya lebih jelas, orang-orangnya terlihat lebih disiplin juga kendaraan bermotor. Padat iya, tapi nggak sampai macet karena moda transportasinya variatif, aman nyaman dan terjangkau.

Jadi kira-kira gini perjalanan kami..

Pukul 07.30: Kami tiba di Tong Chung station (25 menit dari airport, naik bus S1). Kami berdua duduk di toko kopi di square situ, memperhatikan orang-orang Tionghoa lalu lalang dengan sibuknya, karena itu hari kerja. Disitu banyak juga toko roti, yang harganya lebih murah dari di airport. Disitu kami duduk-duduk untuk nunggu cable car Ngong Ping 360 buka. Bukanya pukul 10.00.

Pukul 09.00: Kami jalan kaki ke arah cable car dan duduk-duduk di sekitar situ. Nggak beberapa lama kemudian, antrean udah mulai panjang. Datang awal memang diperlukan sebelum turis-turis lain mulai berdatangan dan ramai.

Pukul 10.00: Naik cable car

Pukul 10.25: Sampai ke Lantau Island, dimana Big Buddha (Tian Tan) berada. Disitu kami menyusuri desa-nya, naik tangga 268 steps untuk melihat Big Buddha dari dekat. Di arah berlawanan patung Buddha, ada Lin Monastery Po yang katanya merupakan salah satu sanctums Buddha yang paling penting dan dijuluki ‘The Buddhist World in the South’’. Biara ini kaya dengan manifestasi warna-warni dari ikonografi Buddha dan taman dengan dengan kicau burung dan aroma bunga. Ada restoran vegetarian yang populer di dekat situ, sayangnya saya dan Damar harus kembali ke airport karena takut kenapa-kenapa di jalan dan ketinggalan pesawat.

Pukul 12.00: Ke cable car dan turun. Lalu ambil bus yang sama untuk kembali ke airport.

Estimasi Pengeluaran /orang = HK$400

Drop off luggage HK$72

Beli snack + kopi HK$50

Bus HK$7

Cable Car HK$255

Tips penting: Gimana caranya, usahakan tidur di pesawat walaupun waktu Belanda masih siang. Karena begitu sampai di Hongkong udah hari baru (di Belanda tengah malam), bakal capek banget rasanya kalau di pesawat nggak istirahat. Saya dan Damar nggak bisa tidur, jadi begitu kami kelar jalan-jalan dan balik ke bandara, kami langsung terlelap tidur di ruang tunggu.

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Semoga bermanfaat…

Asia Dreams Family Indonesia

Dimensi Lain Bernama Indonesia part 2

1st December 2015 - 4 min read

I am celebrating almost a year of my Indonesia journey occurred last December. This post dedicates to recall the beautiful moment I spent with my family. I told a lot about my boyfriend – now ex boyfriend – but not so much about my family. And I promised to  continue writing about my trip as the part 2 of Dimensi Lain Bernama Indonesia part 1. So here you go…

It has always been my dream and my life goal to make my parents happy. Can not do a lot, but at least I wanted to take my parents to a short getaway trip, to have a quality with them and relax together. Although such thing can’t really happen when my mom is around 😛 😛 I had planned this along the way, after I booked my flight, I immediately asked my dad for some destination options. The options that time were Madura, Bali, and Banyuwangi in which my dad decided for Banyuwangi because he knows someone from a group he is currently in, called Friendship Force International. This ‘bapak’ is also an active member of the organization. He is a photographer who happens to own a ecolodge called Baloeran Ecolodge. He is passionate about wildlife in East Java and he’s the permanent residence of Baluran National Park, meaning he stays for days or weeks inside the park or Savanna area to catch momentum. He succeeded in capturing many rare events, the presence of White Tiger and Panther as well as Tiger, a fight between Eagles, etc. They are all hanging in the wall of his Ecolodge. Him and the Ecoledge is super recommended, staying there giving the feeling of being local. It felt like home complete with the local wisdom from the residents around.

We took a short flight to Banyuwangi airport called Blimbingsari. SUPER TINY airport, smallest I have ever seen. We literally walked not even 50 meter to get to the parking lot. But I believe a good thing comes in a small packages, the airport is new, and I am certain Banyuwangi has a lot of potentials especially from tourism. What I like about going with locals (Om Nurdin himself guided us throughout the whole journey), we’d be shown non mainstream place. Like the one below:








Asia Dreams Indonesia Life Milestone

Dimensi lain bernama Indonesia

25th January 2015 - 10 min read

23 Desember 2014

I will always remember this day. The day I met my love for the first time after 2 years being apart.
My holiday and everything occured before this meant nothing anymore compared to the excitement if seeing him.

22 Desember pukul 11.30 pagi tiba di Schiphol Amsterdam Airport dianter mbak Vicka, Dina dan Qila. Hari-hari sebelumnya entah kenapa, perasaan ragu dan cemas menyerang. Bukan, bukan karena soon ketemu Bendot (yang itu juga, tapi sudah berlalu heheh). Tapi karena takut pesawatnya kenapa-kenapa, takut nggak kembali ke darat lagi.. Lagi sering mikir aneh akhir-akhir itu tentang kematian. Masih belum siap…
Anyway sedih juga ninggalin mbak Vicka sama anak-anak kecil itu sendiri, but I have to, to see my beloved ones.

Setelah menempuh perjalanan panjang termasuk transit di Dubai, 18 jam in total, akhirnya sampai juga di Soekarno Hatta.. Lega! 
Begitu sampai bandara, udah nggak sempat deg-degan karena harus antre imigrasi dll. Setelah sukses ngelewatin meja imigrasi dan muka petugas yang sama sekali ngga ada ramah-ramahnya, saya baru mulai agak deg-degan tapi berusaha menutupi dengam menyibukkan diri, ambil trolley, ambil bagasi, tunggu bagasi, ke toilet, dll.
Terima i-message dari bendot, dia bilang sudah sampai, ditunggu di terminal kedatangan. Oh no! And then telling myself, bring it on! I am so ready to see you….. (Padahal keringet dingin!)

And there he is.. Came saying “hi”….. This is surreal……… Too unreal to digest.
He hugged me for a little bit. Not sure if it’s a dream or reality… After all, he’s a form of 3 dimensions hahahah It’s just very hard to believe that he’s just there next to me looking at me with his bare eyes (with glasses ding 😛). I watched him sliding away my trolley as he goes, it’s just so strange……. I forgot about love I’ve been feeling for 2 years. I was just busy swallowing reality that we were in no distance, for onc, finally.

We went on a plane together, side-by-side, for the first time. Then, it started to feel right.. He’s one patience person. Whilst I might be a little too mean for him, since I don’t really have patience. But believe me honey, I am trying 🙂

After flying for 60mins, we touched down Juanda where I met his father for the first time. Awkwardddddddd tapi berusaha menutupinya dengan kecerewatanku yang sedikit banyak memang mempesona itu haha sok akrab ceritanya.

Every single day I spent my time with him was well-spent, finally met each other’s family. I felt very content. I havent felt as much of a home as that time, really. All my anxiety and fear of dissapointment formed by assumptions in long distance relationship are gone.. Not instantly ofcourse, but after everything got digested better, I understand better, then I realize he’s the one I’ve been looking for.. He’s the one I thought who he was. When he started speaking his fun trivia, I just shutted, listened carefully and paid attention to his glowing face sparkling eyes when talking his things. Sometimes or many times, I was drown in my own thoughts while looking at his happy face. There! There is my happiness.. My home, it felt just right… It just is. No reasons, unexplainable.
Cheesy, I know !

Ok go to my journey in Indonesia, day went by, and time for Derawan Island – Borneo. I have been dreaming to be in a paradise like this. This is the holiday I have been thinking about, relaxing, engaging with locals, eating food that was naturally caught by the indigenous, plus all in all, I got to snorkel to explore underwater life. I was lucky enough to find Manta Ray on the way, it’s humongous, it tickled me a little bit, I mean in a fear way. But I was proud of myself that I did it! It was the first time for me, thus there are a little feeling of the biggest fear in the planet. Fear of the unknown. I swam along with a very beautiful no-harm-sting jellyfish, the color is pink, it’s a huge experience. This only exist in 2-3 places in the world, as far as I know is in Palau, Thailand and Kakaban, Indonesia. I consider myself pretty lucky.


Getting into this island, I felt timeless, I lost time. Even the New Year was approaching, the feeling was different than in a big city where I come from. No crowds, no traffic jam, only bunch of modest people who were trying to enjoy the year turning by holding karaoke event and releasing the lanterns. BEAUTIFUL.
But then I went back to my room.. nothing special. What was so special is that I noticed that I had scratched down more things from my resolutions list of 2014 all at once which I am forever grateful.
They are:
– Travelling to Indonesia
– Snorkel
– Went to Kalimantan (it was Sulawesi on my initial resolutions, but hey why does it matter?)
– New Year’s eve with beloved
– Make a single cover with Bendot

– Visiting my love in Bandung 
– Not coming back to Indonesia for good! They extended my contract
– Get to meet each other parents
– Take my parents on a short holiday

Ah nothing I can be more grateful for really..
“Grateful forms happiness from within – MS”


Continue to the Derawan story…..
So everything was smooth until our time to return from Derawan to Tarakan (the bigger island where the airport is). We went on the speed boat when the sun was up, seemed to be a good day although it was raining in the morning. I was a little bit worried, because the cloud looked gloomy on the other side. But who am I to judge.Of course the boat captain is more experienced and has a capacity to judge.
So we got off and started our sea journey by little speed boat.
I had a bad feeling since the beginning, and it proved by the shut down of the engine because one of the essential part did not work properly. Ok at that time I just hoped that the weather would stay all nice the whole time…….. Anyway the boat could still continue with imperfect part of the engine. So we went on..
Couple of minutes later, all of the sudden, the grey cloud came to our way, rain came down, wave started going wild and our boat could be flipped by any time especially if the boat engine shutted again in the middle.
Eye visibility is only in 10 meters radius and there was no one on the ocean, not that could see of. It’s nerve wrecking for everybody on this little boat..
At that very moment, I thought that my life could be taken at any time.. in 5 mins, 10 mins, so on. I felt very small looking at the sea. Everywhere is overlay of moving water.
This feeling should have been always in human’s heart, we are nothing…. We are all only visitors in the planet called earth..
We also ran out of gas because the ride was bumpy and rough. The usual speed boat ride time is 2 hours, but it took 6 hours in total. At the end we all (wetly) and gratefully survived.
But this near to death experience has opened my eyes wider to be savvy optimizing times I have left in this world, because I realize I will never know when I die.
After that, I just cant stop to have the mindset of ‘Carpe diem’ which could be interpreted in any ways, but for me, I will use it for being happy all the time, grateful, and do what He obligates.  

You Only Live Once (YOLO), use it wisely – MS 🙂

To be continued……